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They passed with Atlas - you can too!

Why Atlas?

Bespoke Lesson Plans for Manual or Automatic Learner Drivers Post-Test Instruction: Advanced / Refresher Lessons
Calm & Patient to Grow Your Confidence We Work Around Your Diary Stable 1-2-1 Learning: Same Car & Teacher Throughout

Our Pupils Say...

Just passed my test and would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking to drive safely. He makes everything so simple: if there were areas I was struggling with, he would be able to break them down in such a way that I would come away with a new understanding. Even now I still say to myself one of his phrases 'New Road, New Mirrors' when driving! Great personality, very professional, brilliant value - I'd recommend him time and again. Aaron, Tooting

A terrific instructor. I had another previously but Peter was definitely the better choice. He has a great sense of humour which made the sessions really enjoyable. I have already recommended him to my friends and family. Farzana, Balham

We're proud to offer tuition across much of South West London...

... including Balham (SW12), Tooting (SW17) and Colliers Wood (SW19).

Use our postcode search form to be certain that we have an instructor in your area and to see our prices.

Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

The Right Driving School For You? Things To Consider

The Cheapest Option Is Rarely The Best Option

Everyone knows the old saying: 'you get what you pay for'. It's all very well saving a few pounds a week, but if you're not progressing at a decent rate toward being test-ready, then are you really being clever with your money?

Lesson Length - How Much Time Do You Have?

Do check that you are going to be paying 'per hour' rather than 'per lesson' (or that lesson lengths are clearly stated). Anything under an hour is not really going to help you very much. Don't let any significant period of time during which you are not receiving direct instruction be counted as part of your lesson time.

A Suitably Qualified Professional?

The law states that paid driving lessons can only be given by an Approved Driving Instructor (or ADI for short). This qualification is not permanent (there is an expiry date on the licence in your teacher's windscreen); ADIs must keeping passing regular DVSA assessments of their teaching proficiency to stay licensed.

Is The Car Set Up Correctly?

There should be 'dual control' pedals installed for the instructor to use (another brake and clutch certainly, occasionally another accelerator).

Theory Test

Uncertain how to prepare for your Theory Test? You should be able to ask your teacher.

Is There a Lesson Plan Governing What Goes On?

Exactly what happens from session to session is going to be determined by how well you're doing and your specific needs; no two people learn in exactly the same way. However all your training should be devised to help you develop the neccessary proficiency, as set out in the official syllabus.

What Interval are Your Lessons At?

Above all, your practice should be regular. If it is too far apart then you might not be learning as efficiently as you could. Many driving schools offer intensive courses: we don't, because most people need time to 'process' their time behind the wheel. Our advice is to book a weekly two-hour lesson.

The Driving Lesson that Counts the Most

We're talking about the one just before you take your Practical Test. You need to run through all your manouevres, and get a bit of time on the road to arrive at the test centre as prepared as you can be. Does your driving school make this a priority?

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